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Understand Viewership Streams & Growth

A New Gold Standard for Video on Demand

Billions of dollars are spent on TV advertising in the U.S. every year. As more viewers shift to subscription and advertising-based video on demand platforms, it’s become difficult to get transparent reports from these new tech platforms. Media buyers and sellers need consistent metrics to set prices for advertising purposes on advertising-based subscription services and to evaluate program and advertising performance.

Advertisers, agencies and publishers primarily want to know how many people are viewing a specific piece of content to better inform their planning.

Minnow Insights provides this answer by not only showing an estimated streaming count during a given period of time, but also the net growth and growth rate from the previous term.

These growth insights can help Minnow clients identify emerging and trending content and target their media spends across programming that is growing in popularity in specific demographics instead of paying top dollar for already established content.

Minnow Streams

Minnow captures streaming and growth data across all panelist connected devices including connected TV, mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Here’s how it works. A Minnow Panelist creates an account within one of the Minnow applications. Minnow passively collects behaviors and engagement from the logged-in Panelist. Panelists navigate to a specific streaming title and presses the in-app “Watch Now” button. This trigger event then deep-links the panelist to the Streaming Service where the title plays automatically.

We call this trigger a “Stream” – our unified metric applied across all streaming services. These behaviors, engagement and “Streams” are captured in our backend and stripped of their PII ready to be shared with Minnow Insights clients.

It’s important to note that Minnow continues to grow and maintain samples for its panels that are statistically representative of the U.S. population, accounting for characteristics such as, but not limited to, ethnicity, age, gender and average household income.

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Our sample includes hundreds of thousands of panelists and is statistically representative of the U.S. population, accounting for characteristics such as: age, gender, ethnicity, location and household income.
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Minnow Apps measure all content that panelists browse in-app, the video subscriptions they have connected on their profile, the content they watch, where and on what device.
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