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Measure Subscription Video Churn

Subscription Video Churn

Legacy media companies are thinking less of themselves as basic-cable, ad-supported television networks and turning their focus towards ubiquitous branded environments available to consumers anytime and anywhere. These new subscription and ad-supported video on demand platforms have extremely volatile churn rates.

It’s important for Minnow clients to be able to measure the growth and churn of these new platforms in order to better inform their portfolio positions and planning needs.

Minnow captures subscription video churn across all panelist connected devices including connected TV, tablets and mobile devices. All data is automatically reported and verified for panelists as soon as they subscribe or unsubscribe from a specific streaming service.

Powerful Insights for the Financial Services Industry

Because of the high volatility of video subscription churn rates, Minnow clients in the financial services industry have the exclusive opportunity to glean powerful insights ahead of quarterly earnings calls for the biggest entertainment and media companies.

Researchers can now track in real time whether popular video subscription services are going to meet, exceed or underperform analyst expectations, then easily report their findings to the trading teams.

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Minnow Apps measure all content that panelists browse in-app, the video subscriptions they have connected on their profile, the content they watch, where and on what device.
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