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About Us

History of Media Measurement

For half a century, traditional measurement has been the arbiter of truth – defining how businesses quantify and monetize media value.

With double digit drops in cable subscribers year over year, the future is turning to subscription and advertising-based video on demand services. Legacy media companies are thinking less of themselves as basic-cable, ad-supported television networks and turning their focus towards ubiquitous branded environments available to consumers anytime and anywhere.

With this radical shift in consumer behavior, we have an opportunity to rethink a universal measurement system for video streaming consumption. A solution that is more accurate and scalable, more transparent and more affordable than those that have come before.

Our North Star

We think it’s time for a unified approach to streaming measurement. That’s why we build a single-source platform solely to help businesses understand the streaming universe and designed to make big-data visualization simple and beautiful. A system that’s precise, accurate, and intuitive so you can realize increased & actionable returns.


We are committed to responsible stewardship of the data we handle and protecting the privacy of our panelists, clients, associates and the public.

Diversity and Inclusion

It’s not just a goal, but a core business imperative. It’s about each of us embracing the talents and ideas of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to drive our continued success in providing clients with the information they need to succeed.
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